Promoter Eddie Hearn in recent years has been operating most of his big time boxing shows in the UK but now he’s made the move to the USA with a billion dollar budget from streaming giant DAZN. Now however, there’s two more countries.

Hearn is expanding his boxing empire by the week it seems and IN an interview yesterday with Kugan Cassius he let slip that there were two new countries to come soon for his fighters to box in.

He didn’t say where, but one crafty fan has checked Companies House in the UK and has revealed that they are now in Italy and Germany:

Interesting stuff and great news for those in Europe wanting to travel to some shows abroad outside of the usual shows in the UK.

Clearly boxing is booming worldwide at the moment in places like the UK and US but this move shows that Hearn and his outfit at Matchroom are not content with this and want to push boxing even further.

Germany has always had a big fan base for the sport over the years and established networks like RTL and promoters like Sauerland, but Italy will be a very interesting one indeed.

Hearn’s partner in the US DAZN USA are also already established both in Germany and Italy for other sports – so this will help a lot.

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