De La Hoya Reveals Weight A Mayweather vs Canelo 2 Fight MUST Happen At

De La Hoya Reveals Weight A Mayweather vs Canelo 2 Fight MUST Happen At

Oscar De La Hoya and his star fighter Canelo Alvarez are no doubt celebrating his new $365 million contract this weekend having signed with streaming giants DAZN. But there’s been some back and forth between him and one Floyd Mayweather who De La Hoya claims is ‘salty’ about Canelo’s new deal.

Floyd Mayweather out boxed a much younger Canelo Alvarez years ago but recently has suggested that a rematch with the Mexican boxing star is something he’d be open to.

Going on Floyd’s career history however, he usually doesn’t take too many risks and now at over 40 years of age and Canelo in the prime of his career (or at least coming into it) – you’d expect Mayweather would only take him on if the fight was at 154lbs.

Also, the fight would have to be on DAZN one suspects unless there could be a coming together of broadcaster and networks of some sort. Golden Boy are exclusive to DAZN as part of the deal in the US.

Promoter of Canelo, Oscar De La Hoya told TMZ however the fight will only happen if:

“Canelo is going to enjoy his lucrative contract. He’s going to fight the very best unlike Floyd. He waits for fighters to be over the hill or when they are too young, he fought Canelo when he was too young. If Floyd really wants to fight, if he really wants to fight and crawl out from under his rock, then call out Canelo once again at 160lbs and do the rematch. And that’s it.”

He added he believes Floyd is broke:

“Another reason why he’s crawled out of his rock is he needs money. Absolutely. Once again. Fighters like that always go broke. He’s not fighting anymore so that big money is not coming in. Look at what happened to Mike Tyson – he made $500 million dollars. You think it’s not possible to spend $500 million over night?”

Canelo’s first fight under his new contract with DAZN takes place on December 15th at Madison Square Garden against Rocky Fielding.