Floyd Mayweather Has A Bitter Reaction To Canelo’s $365 Million DAZN Deal

Floyd Mayweather Has Bitter Reaction To Canelo's $365 Million DAZN Deal

Boxing legend turned promoter Floyd Mayweather has given his reaction today to Canelo Alvarez’ historic deal with streaming platform DAZN and it would appear, at least upon first inspection, to be a tad salty from Floyd.

Boxers deserve every penny they make.

It’s one of the few jobs in the world where someone can get legally killed in the line of duty doing and more often than not the brave men and women who step between the ropes leave the ring slightly damaged.

So it’s a bit od when you see one fighter talking about another’s deal in a negative light.

Particularly when Floyd has always spoke well of Canelo over the years since he dismantled him by unanimous decision earlier in the Mexican’s career.

Canelo and his promoter signed a historic deal with DAZN this week that could see the beginning of the end of pay per view boxing in America.

Floyd Mayweather has goaded the deal and Canelo personally:


Talks of a rematch from Canelo this week may not be too far off the mark all together based on the above reaction from Floyd.