Former heavyweight champion of the world David Haye and current heavyweight contender Dereck Chisora were one time sworn enemies but now they appear to have formed one of the most unlikely partnerships in recent boxing memory.

Remember that press conference in Germany where the two were brawling bare knuckle?

Broken bottles, camera tripods, Haye’s trainer Adam Booth ending up with a gashed forehead.

Boxing has a short memory and so do the characters within it.

When it makes dollars is makes sense, inevitably, to let the past in the past.

According to Kugan Cassius the two have now linked up:

This makes a lot of sense if the Chisora vs Joe Joyce fight is something still wanted by both fighters like it appeared to be a few months back.

For whatever reason it didn’t happen but now it surely could happen with the two both being aligned with Haye.

Chisora has changed promoter and manager a lot in recent years as he bids to land the biggest fights possible for the closing chapter of what has been an exciting and eventful prize fighting career.