Kell Brook Trolls Amir Khan With Contradiction Video

Kell Brook Trolls Amir Khan With Contradiction Video

Kell Brook’s war or words with Amir Khan has been well and truly reignited since the pair started negotiations for a super fight in the UK recently.

It is thought that next February a stadium fight is being worked on for the bout between the long time bitter rivals.

Their hatred of one another is very real and goes back to the amateur days in sparring, right the way through to the pros.

Brook has always maintained that he will knock Khan out as soon as he catches him while Khan believes he will box rings around Brook.

Both are established veterans at this stage and perhaps at the peak of their powers, if not, just a little outside their primes.

Brook has uploaded this on Twitter claiming Khan is a complete contradiction:

Khan for his part isn’t as vocal in his trash talk towards Brook but you can tell he really does want to get in there and put a beating on him if they fight.

Some have suggested recently that Khan doesn’t want the fight but that can’t be the case, just look at the opponents Khan has faced in his career.

He’s never ducked anyone.