Not many picked up on the former heavyweight champion’s thoughts on the Conor McGregor – Khabib post-fight fiasco this weekend.

While most widely condemned what ensued in the ring in Las Vegas this past weekend, Fury on the other hand took a different view.

Perhaps unsurprisingly to those who cover the lineal heavyweight champion.

Speaking on Twitter Fury said:

“Excellent aftermath of the UFC tonight all is fair in love and war!”

He added:

“Whoever says they have never been punched in the back of the head then they have never been involved in a brawl!! It’s all a part of being a fighting man.”

The above refers to McGregor taking some bare knuckle punches to the back of the head after the fight from members of UFC champion Khabib’s team.

The dust has settled on the antics in Las Vegas this past weekend but the punishments for both Khabib and McGregor (who also threw punches after the fight ended) should be forthcoming over the coming weeks – when the Nevada State Athletic Commission reviews everything.

As for Fury, he has Deontay Wilder to get ready for in early December as he now comes into some of the hardest training weeks of his professional career at the moment.

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