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Floyd Mayweather is linked with a comeback fight and rematch against Manny Pacquiao but another boxer also wants a piece of the ‘Pacman’.

That being Amir Khan from the UK who has chased both the Pacquiao and Mayweather fights for years.

Khan now appears to be waiting on a date for a fight in early 2019 against Kell Brook in the UK.

Speaking to Virgin Radio while on a trip to Dubai recently, Mayweather was told Amir Khan had said to the presenter that he wanted to know if Floyd is definitely coming back to rematch Pacquiao or not.

This, according to the presenter, was because Khan believes the hold up in announcing a fight date between the two is stopping him from getting a possible fight with Pacquiao himself.

Floyd replied:

“Amir Khan (speaking with a smile on his face), pretty cool fighter. This is a guy that claims he’s been chasing me but there’s a couple of guys that he couldn’t get past that I got past in flying colors. A lot of these young fighters are constantly calling me out, constantly chasing me.”

He added:

“Like I said before, there are talks about me coming back to the octagon, there are talks about me and Manny.”

In recent weeks Pacquiao has also been linked with an a fight against Adrien Broner in early 2019 and signing a deal with Broner and Mayweather’s manager Al Haymon.

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