In the first leaked footage of Wilder and Fury’s ‘Gloves Are Off’ type program it’s clear to see that the mind games are escalating between the two.

Both boxers like to get inside their opponents’ heads if you look back at their previous fight history.

Perhaps the most prominent example of that would come on Fury’s end in the Wladimir Klitschko fight a few years back in Germany.

Klitschko at the time had not been beaten in over a decade and was renowned for his mental strength and ability not to be ruffled by opponents.

But in the weeks leading up to his fight with Fury, even Klitschko was rattled by the trash talk and lack of ability to comprehend and understand the type of man who was in front of him.

Fury is a very smart guy but has this almost uncanny ability to be unpredictable both in the ring and in his mental warfare ahead of his fights.

It’s almost as if he himself doesn’t know what he is going to do next.

Here’s what happened in the first leaked footage of him and Wilder’s sit down debate: