Heavyweight challenger Tyson Fury has leaked details of a private contract offered him to before his comeback to the sport earlier this year from Eddie Hearn.

Fury ended up turning Hearn down in the end.

Hearn noted that Fury wanted easy fights but as fate would have it, Fury now challenges WBC heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder in his next fight in LA.

Fury has now let this fly a short time ago:

He added:

That surely is going to wind up Eddie Hearn to no end.

It’s not the first time a boxer has done that to Hearn either in recent times.

Adrien Broner also disclosed the language Hearn personally uses in private emails and contract offers. As well as the type of money he offers to fighters.

Fury has been vocal in the past over his opinion of Hearn and what he thinks of him personally.

The fact Eddie is not involved in Wilder vs Fury next up is surely annoying him at the end of the day, as well as the above today.

It’s the biggest heavyweight fight not involving Anthony Joshua for more than a decade after all.