Tyson Fury is really on one tonight. No messing around again from the furious one on social media. He’s all business it would seem.

He’s been leaking private contract offers from promoter Eddie Hearn, hammering him again on a personal level, as well as now calling out American heavyweight Jarrell Miller.

Miller returned to action last night in Chicago on Hearn and streaming platform DAZN’s first US event together.

Miller knocked out Polish veteran Tomasz Adamek and following the fight Fury has unleashed this message for him in a social media video today:

“This is a call out video to the fat boy, Jarrell Miller. Get yourself up here. Bring $100,000 with you. Me and you will have a fight in the ring. Winner takes all. Cash. I will put you down seven times in Lancashire. I’ll put you down ten times in Big Bear in California you fat p***k. Get yourself up here. Anytime. Any place. Anywhere. You want to spar or you want to bare knuckle fight? Get yourself up here, you fat p***k.”

He sure has a way with words, does Fury.

For the meantime however the big man from Manchester has his hands full taking on one of the hardest punching men in the world next up, Deontay Wilder.