Pound for pound rated Terence Crawford has had less than kind words for UFC star Conor McGregor after his fourth round loss to UFC champion Khabib last night.

Crawford is flying high in the sport of boxing at the moment and is regarded by many as one of the top three-pound for pound fighters in the world.

At least.

Conor McGregor while also perhaps being pound for pound in his own sport, enjoys far more fame and stardom than Crawford due to his extroverted personality and huge marketing machine behind him in the UFC.

Crawford has said the following after McGregor’s loss last night:

Crawford’s laughs will hardly bother McGregor much one suspects.

The Irishman said he looks forward to the rematch in his social media post today and admitted honestly that it was a good knock (good fight) last night.

Some might disagree with that, mind you.

Whether or not we see McGregor back in a boxing ring again remains to be seen but if you were a betting man you’d have to think we won’t at this point in time.

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