Many of the sport of boxing’s talented stars it would seem enjoyed Conor McGregor losing last night against UFC champion from Russia Khabib.

Indeed, it wasn’t long ago that McGregor had secured himself a huge fight against Floyd Mayweather in boxing.

Perhaps since then some boxers have held a bit of a grudge against him for landing the opportunity ahead of them.

Who knows.

Errol Spence Jr has enjoyed the Irishman’s loss this weekend for sure and what happened afterwards:

Spence was referring to when McGregor was assaulted by individuals who entered the cage last night moments after his loss to Khabib.

Replays also showed however that McGregor himself did appear to throw some punches himself at members of Khabib’s team which appeared to then provoke their attack on him.

As for Spence, he’s taking a break and going on vacation over the coming weeks.

But, by all accounts, he is in line for a big fight come December according to latest reports in recent weeks.

The welterweight division is absolutely stacked with a host of credible potential opponents to challenge the undefeated Texan next up.