With news that Manny Pacquiao might have or be on the verge of doing a deal with Broner manager and US boxing power player Al Haymon, the possibility of the fight happening could be very real.

Also could the possibility of a Mayweather rematch happening with the latter being close friends with Al Haymon.

Look at it from Pacquiao’s point of view.

If he did a two fight deal with Haymon likely the two fights would in fact be Adrien Broner and Floyd Mayweather.

Arguably two of the biggest money fights out there for Pacquiao at this point, outside of a showdown with Amir Khan perhaps.

With only two fights left in his career and promising to retire in 2019, surely it’s all about the money at this point for ‘Pacman’ and that’s more than understandable.

There has been reports in recent days too that the millions owed to the US in tax by Pacquiao has been wildly overplayed also, with some suggesting in fact there is no real problems with the IRS at all for him.

So, if the Broner fight happens, who wins?

At this point based on current form and Pacquiao perhaps being the more natural 147lbs fighter all things considering, you’d probably have to lean towards the Filipino.

But a solid fight it would be though, no doubt about it.

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