As October quickly approaches Manny Pacquiao finds himself under a bit of pressure to get certain areas of his boxing career in order if he wants to be back in the ring come early December like he said he wants to.

It’s well-known at this stage that ‘Pacman’ does not wish to fight in the US for his next bout but that said, a US platform or broadcaster distributing his fight is surely something he will desire as he’s boxed on TV in the US for well over a decade now.

Last time out he put on a show on ESPN in the US when recording his first stoppage win in over nine years against dangerous puncher Lucas Matthysse.

The Pacquiao stock while high anyway given his worldwide fame and appeal – went up again after that win in Malaysia.

Last week Pacquiao told the press that a deal was due to be finalized for his next fight, whether a Mayweather rematch or against someone else.

But we still have not heard anything.

Nor anything concrete on who his new promoter will be, or if indeed he will opt for one at all given that he promoted his last fight with his own M.P. Promotions.

The more as time goes on, the more unlikely an early December date is feasible at this stage given the time needed to train and promote a Pacquiao event.

He really needs to finalize everything in the next ten days at the very latest if he wants that early December slot like he said he wanted recently to the L.A. Times.

Also, he might need to rethink an early December return anyway with the recent Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury heavyweight title fight confirmed for December 1st.

Going up against that on the same weekend in the ratings race will be something most boxing promoters will avoid come early December.