Anthony Joshua’s Trainer Keeps It Real With Reaction To Povetkin Win

Anthony Joshua's Trainer Keeps It Real With Reaction To Povetkin Win

Anthony Joshua head coach Robert McCracken has given his post-fight analysis and thoughts of how he believed his fighter performed.

Speaking after the fight McCracken said:

“I think towards the end of the first round he held his feet. You can’t do that with Povetkin. He’s very good, with his skill, he’ll land hooks. If you hold your feet you have not got time to defend against him. But once Anthony punched first and then moved his feet or just moved his feet and then punched – it was a totally different story. Listen, you’re going to get hit at this level. He’s very skillful is Povetkin at throwing hooks at a static target. Once Anthony used his jab and slowed him down to the body and head with the jab it was only a matter of time. Listen, he’s a live opponent and it’s a good experience for Anthony. He doesn’t want to be just going in and blowing people away who don’t land a shot. This is heavyweight boxing. He’ll learn from it. He’ll defend a little bit better next time. But overall, he was punch perfect with the finish and he learned some great lessons in there. A great experience for him.”

No mincing of words there.

A level-headed takeaway from what was overall an excellent display from the 28-year-old champion.