Former world middleweight champion ‘Irish’ Andy Lee has hit the nail on the head in his technical post-fight analysis of this weekend’s boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin.

Critics of Joshua have claimed his boxing ability is extremely limited and that he relies on his physical gifts of speed and power to blast out his opponents.

This is definitely not a fair assumption however as Joshua has more than shown that he can not only box in his pro career, but that he’s improving technically fight to fight.

His trainer Rob McCracken simply wouldn’t allow anything else.

He’s renowned for being a tough task master in correcting fundamental mistakes in boxing technique and doesn’t let his fighters off the hook until mistakes in the gym are ironed out.

Andy Lee pointed to the subtle work Joshua was doing early on in the fight last night that eventually led to the 7th round stoppage:

A pretty spot on analysis there. The right hand without doubt is the most dangerous weapon in Joshua’s arsenal.

Indeed, both he and current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder both possess murderous right hands.

Someone is definitely getting knocked out if they fight next year.