The Mexican boxing great is now retired but he’s in a unique position to give a take on a potential Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 fight given the fact he’s faced both men before.

He’s faced Manny quite a few times but the one time he faced Mayweather he was out boxed comprehensively.

Mayweather was coming off a two-year layoff at the time as well.

Some of the counter punching he put on that night against Marquez was a joy to watch from a purist sweet science perspective.

Speaking on Mexican television (translated from Spanish to English) Marquez said:

“Just like the first one but I think it would be easier (this time) for Floyd. Mayweather knows what Manny already does. He would handle the distance and lateral movement easier this time. He would be defensive again and there would be little risk in the fight for him (Mayweather).”

Most tend to agree that Mayweather is favorite in the fight (if and when it happens).

But the fact Mayweather has insisted he wants a warm up fight first shows that he knows he can’t just jump straight back in there with Pacquiao after such a break from high level boxing.

He’s 40 years old and Manny is 39, but, people will still likely buy it. Whenever it does happen.

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