Current undefeated prospect Carlos Balderas has been intrigued by the Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2 news lately that shocked the sports world.

Mayweather now appears to want a tune up fight first but by all accounts, both Mayweather and Pacquiao definitely want this rematch.

Unbeaten lightweight Balderas (6-0-5KO) is not convinced the fight will be too much different from the first one however.

Speaking to Villainfy Media, Balderas said:

“I guess I’d watch it. Well, Pacquiao has been staying active. Mayweather we know he works out, does basketball and is always in fight shape, that’s crazy. I don’t know bro. I think Mayweather definitely still wins. I think it would be the same fight, pretty boring. Mayweather is just going to play it smart. He’s older, Pacquiao’s older. He’s not going to do much.”

It’s hard to disagree with the above analysis. Mayweather is not going to change at this stage of his career.

It’s up to Pacquiao (again) to take the fight to him and make some sort of fight out of it.

While he is 100% healthy and has no lingering shoulder injuries going into the bout like the last time.

Balderas was speaking ahead of his own upcoming bout that takes place on September 30th in Ontario as part of the Victor Ortiz fight night.