Golovkin Trainer Brutally Honest After Canelo vs GGG 2 Decision Didn’t Go His Way

Gennady Golovkin’s trainer and close mentor Abel Sanchez has made a remarkably honest and candid admission following his fighter’s loss at the weekend.

Sanchez although vocal against Canelo in the build-up showed nothing but respect for him afterwards in the post-fight press conference.

Although he thought they won the fight, he said the judges were competent and that the last round cost them the fight in the end.

Speaking to Fight Hub YouTube (hat tip) Sanchez said he thought they got a fair crack of the whip from the judges in an admirably honest interview:

It is perhaps important for those that claimed robbery from the judges to also watch the above, in that, Golovkin’s own trainer didn’t think it was a robbery.

Sometimes close fights just don’t go a fighter’s way and when you leave it down to the hands of the judges you are leaving it open to human interpretation and error.

As we know, humans get things wrong a lot.

The computer-based scoring system in professional boxing was proven ineffective and for the time being this is the best system that appears to be available.

That said, there is a lot more accountability and scrutiny that should be placed on boxing officials in my opinion.

There should also be discipline handed out for poor performance. Like in any professional job.

As well as more ex-fighters being given the jobs too.