Middleweight boxing legend Bernard Hopkins has given his side on this past weekend’s Canelo vs Golovkin 2 super fight in Las Vegas.

Hopkins enjoyed a breath of relief no doubt, not just because he promotes Canelo, but also because he held onto his middleweight title defenses record after Golovkin fell just short from it.

Speaking after the fight Hopkins said:

“It was a great effort. They both fought like gladiators but Canelo showed me something tonight as a fighter, that know about the middleweight division, who know about styles, and know that you can learn from a loss and check the blocks that need to be checked and never make those mistakes again. One thing before I close that I seen Canelo do when he needed to do without getting completely exhausted and tired and showed it in his body language. He held his ground. If you look at the tap tomorrow or next week or whatever. GGG kept coming. There was rounds where Golovkin tried to box for the first time, I’m not saying he can’t or can, but I seen GGG breathing and boxing for the first time in his career. I’ve seen it in fights. And so that told me that he knew mentally that he wasn’t going to beat him at his normal game and that his (Canelo’s) mind over strength could defeat him (GGG).”

It could be some time before Hopkins’ middleweight title defenses record is equaled.

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