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The Golovkin vs Canelo rematch finally arrived tonight after a long wait. Here’s what happened round by round in our full-fight analysis.

The first round saw both guys feel one another out in the battle of the jabs.

To the surprise of some Canelo boxed on the front foot and landed some left hands while being the aggressor.

A close opening round.

Canelo had a fantastic second round, some excellent work that saw the famous Golovkin chin on display.

Canelo caught him with some excellent left hands but ‘GGG’ didn’t even blink.

The third was another battle of the jabs. Some better work from Golovkin in a tight round.

Strong round 4 for Golovkin who boxed well behind the jab and started to find his range a bit more.

Canelo continued to box on the front foot in the fifth but Golovkin’s superior boxing won him the round and developed a nasty cut above Canelo’s eye.

Round 6 was a close one that could have went either way. I gave it to Golovkin based on doing a bit more and having the more quality in his work.

Round 7 was better for Alvarez. Although Golovkin came on strong towards the end, I had the round to Canelo based on early work.

Round 8 was a terrific round with back and forth action. A strong round for Golovkin overall.

Round 9 probably saw the better punches from Canelo but Golovkin was a bit busier. An excellent round again to watch.

The 10th was arguably the best round of the fight. Golovkin landed a huge right hand early on that looked like it got Canelo going but Canelo came back strong.

Golovkin took the 11th for me with more solid work behind the jab but a lot of these rounds – an argument could be made for either guy at times.

Both men gave a huge effort in the final round in what proved to be a super fight that will live long into the memories of boxing fans tonight.

The final scorecards from the judges were 114-114, 115-113 and 115-113 by majority decision in favor of Canelo Alvarez.

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