Canelo Alvarez’ defense was excellent overall this weekend in his rematch against Gennady Golovkin and one fan has put together a superb compilation of some of his head movement in particular.

Early on and indeed for large periods of the fight Gennady Golovkin looked to establish his jab and set the tone of the fight based off of it.

I noticed early on however that Canelo was slipping and blocking an awful lot of his jabs and when they did land they didn’t always land flush.

Canelo did a good job of getting out of range defensively when he needed to but closed the gap well when he needed to get off his own artillery.

His head movement in evading what was coming back was really on point in this weekend’s big boxing match on HBO:

An excellent display to inspire any young fighter coming up.

Hitting and not getting hit is the art of boxing at the end of the day.

While Canelo showed his heart and fighting ability last night, he also showed just how polished a technical operator he has become these days.

World class action from both guys this weekend.

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