Footage Shows Huge Right Hand Landed By GGG On Canelo In Round 10

While Gennady Golovkin might have shown incredible punch resistance the same can be said of Canelo particularly in this moment in the fight.

It was arguably the biggest punch Golovkin landed on Canelo in the fight.

A massive right hand that definitely rocked him momentarily and showed just what a baseball bat of a right hand Golovkin has:

Straight down the middle over the shoulder, text-book.

Canelo recovered well however and ultimately although Golovkin probably finished the fight better of the two, the judges gave it to Canelo.

In terms of what changed from the first fight to the second you’d have to say that tactics were key on the night for Canelo.

He rolled the dice with his surprise strategy of pushing Golovkin back, pressing the action and boxing on the front foot for the vast majority of the contest.

You could almost see that it surprised Golovkin himself who was more the boxer type of the two this time round.

Maybe we’ll get an all out Hagler-Hearns type brawl in part three. I wouldn’t expect either guy to box for the rest of the year though after last night’s battle.

Expect both to come back in the new year.