Mayweather Poised To Promote Pacquiao Rematch – Khan Set To Miss Out On Mega Fight Again

Amir Khan a few years back chased both the Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao fights relentlessly to no avail. Khan had been tipped to fight Pacquiao next but now it looks like he’ll miss out on the chance again.

Floyd Mayweather has met Manny Pacquiao in Japan and told the world he is coming back for a nine figure pay-day to essentially rematch Pacquiao.

Whether or not he makes that remains to be seen but by all accounts, the feeling at the moment among boxing fans is that the rematch will happen.

It’s hard to see it happening in December however as that would not give the fight a whole lot of time to promote.

Then again, when Mayweather vs McGregor was announced last year there was a short turn around time in that too and the fight still did whopping numbers.

Floyd Mayweather not only is set to rematch Pacquiao but also to sign him to his promotional company Mayweather Promotions to make the fight in this writer’s opinion.

Pacquiao is now a free agent in terms of being obligated to a promoter and a while back Mayweather said he was very interested in offering his old rival opportunities.

Who would have thought though those opportunities were specifically a rematch with him.