The Tense Moment Golovkin and Canelo Saw One Another For First Time In 7 Months

You could the tension with a knife when Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez saw one another in person for the first time in seven months this week with the latter not even acknowledging the other’s presence.

This beef is very real.

In a world full of fake beefs in the boxing business, when you get a genuine one between two guys who usually don’t engage in trash talk and who are considered two of the fiercest warriors in their chosen vocation you have all the ingredients for a blood bath.

The big question for me is will both stand toe to toe in the fight and more specifically, will Canelo choose to.

I’m leaning towards no at this point as all the inclinations beforehand lead you to believe he’s planning on boxing and moving.

At the same time, he could find himself with no choice at some point. Golovkin is a master of cutting the ring off. Probably the best in the world at it.

It will all come down to who implements their game plan best on the night and who wants it the most but really, it’s a very, very tough fight to call.

To illustrate the animosity between the two just watch this clip here from Fight Hype showing the moment the two came next to one another for the first time in seven months: