Brook Believes He Deserves Shot At Pacquiao Over Khan

Kell Brook returned to training recently in a bid to lose weight and get down to welterweight limit in time for December with a potential fight against Amir Khan or Manny Pacquiao in the works.

Pacquiao’s situation has gotten a little bit more complicated in recent days however after he threatened to sue old promoter Top Rank on social media.

Both Khan and Brook have been linked with Pacquiao, as well as fights with one another, but Brook believes if the Khan fight doesn’t happen next he deserves the Pacquiao fight.

Speaking to Boxing News TV Brook said:

“Manny Pacquiao. I know Khan is shouting out he wants Pacquiao over me. My choice is Khan over Pacquiao. I’ve been with Matchroom from day dot, there was only me, Froch and Barker. Eddie’s (Hearn) me boy. So if anyone’s getting that fight it’s going to be me. Why is he (Khan) going to get the shot? I’m the governor in the welterweight division, me. He’s (Khan) a dosser.”

Getting down to welterweight while I’m sure us possible for Brook is still going to be a difficult ask.

With all due respect, he appears to be walking around well over the 147lbs limit at the moment and making the weight by December is a tall order.

If he does it will definitely put him at a disadvantage in terms of fighting either Khan or Pacquiao at welterweight.