Gervonta Davis and Tevin Farmer are locked in a war or words ahead of a possible fight later in the year. On Davis’ part, his dislike of Farmer is certainly no act.

‘Tank’ is currently embroiled in multiple verbal wars, not least with his own promoter and boss Floyd Mayweather.

Talk aside, the problem is that if Davis wants a fight next he’s going to need Mayweather.

Unless they can come to an agreement to mutually part company.

Somehow, one doesn’t expect things to get that far however.

But what should happen with or without Mayweather at some point is a showdown with Farmer.

Speaking on Twitter to Farmer, Davis let him know that his dislike of him is no joke:

All hype and needle aside, what a fight this would be though.

Farmer has shown huge improvement in recent years and recently signed with Eddie Hearn and DAZN.

Hearn was quoted recently as mentioning Mayweather Promotions turning down an offer to work with him in his new DAZN deal, so the main question around the fight if it were to happen would be where it would be shown on.

Davis is signed to Al Haymon and Premier Boxing Champions who work with Showtime and Fox, so network issues would need to be overcome if the fight is to be made with Mayweather still Davis’ promoter.