Tyson Fury has never been afraid to speak his mind to fellow fighters but has now also given a piece of his mind to Sky Sports boxing pundit and former cruiserweight kingpin Johnny Nelson.

Nelson at one time was the best cruiserweight in the world.

A man who knows about overcoming adversity, he actually lost his first three professional fights in a row.

That right there would have broken most people’s confidence but training under legendary Brendan Ingle in Sheffield, Neslon went on to become cruiserweight world number one later on in his career.

Since retiring he has acted perhaps as the number one example out there, certainly in the UK, in terms of what a boxer can do for the positive career-wise once their career in the ring is over.

Nelson has become one of the main pundits in boxing for Sky Sports for his energy, credibility and articulate ability to bring across his boxing knowledge on-screen, but Fury feels he has not been true to himself lately.

Speaking on Twitter today Fury told Nelson:

Clearly something said by Nelson has not gone down too well with the former heavyweight champion..