Khan Outlines Why He Prefers Pacquiao Over Brook Next

UK boxing star Amir Khan showed his heart once again at the weekend after getting up off the floor to score a unanimous points victory over Samuel Vargas.

While fans are now clamoring for the Kell Brook fight, it is also important to consider Khan’s motivation in appearing to want a Pacquiao fight before the Brook fight.

At the end of the day, yes, fans are the cornerstone of any professional sport. Without them there is no sport.


But, boxing isn’t you’re typical sport.

What boxers put themselves through personally as individuals is perhaps beyond comprehension for mere mortals like us.

Amir Khan has taken enormous risks in his career and has delivered for fans by giving the sport entertaining fights time and time again.

He’s chased the big names and has taken on all comers, overall.

If he wants to take on Pacquiao next instead of Brook, as frustrating as it might be for fans, it’s his decision at the end of the day.

Boxers take the ultimately risk every time they step in there. It’s one of the few jobs you can get legally killed while doing.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV after his win at this weekend, Khan said:

“No it’s not(Brook isn’t priority next). This is where me and Eddie (Hearn) are going to have a sit down and we’ll see what happens and what we can do to make the fight happen. To bring Manny Pacquiao to the UK would be massive. Or wherever really. I know he doesn’t want to fight in America.”

On why he wants Pacquiao over Brook next:

“Manny’s a legend. You can’t take that away from him. It’s the name isn’t it. To know that you fought Manny Pacquiao and beat Manny Pacquiao would be amazing.”

Either fight would be amazing in truth, if one can be made.