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The Moment Vargas Knocked Amir Khan Down

This big overhand right nearly knocked Khan out and ended his comeback dreams of becoming a world champion again. What a shot. Credit to Khan for getting up from this.

Amir Khan once again found himself on the floor tonight.

But unlike other past occasions, he got back up and went on to win the fight.

It happened early on in the fight after Khan enjoyed a period of huge success where he had knocked Vargas down himself.

It seemed to be a case of what’s happened for Khan in the past, where essentially he can just switch off all together during a fight.

I’m not sure is it a case of a rush of blood after he does well in fights but it still seems to be an issue.

For example, when he lost against Danny Garcia, if you actually go back and watch the fight Khan was doing extremely well early on in the fight.

Until he switched off.

Here’s the moment Vargas dropped Khan hard tonight with the right hand:

Quite the shot. As you can see, it caught Khan essentially napping in the fight.

He pretty much just threw a right hand shot in the dark, square on with Khan – who got caught flush.