Khan Makes Ludicrous Comment About Pacquiao and Brook After Beating Vargas

Amir Khan showed his heart tonight after getting up off the floor to win a unanimous points decision over Samuel Vargas but one of his comments post-fight showed that he wasn’t fully thinking.

It’s understandable to be fair that fighters are not always going to come out with the brightest things straight after a fight when the adrenaline is going.

Particularly in a fight where they have suffered a heavy knockdown like Khan did tonight.

But when speaking about how tonight’s performance would do against Kell Brook or Manny Pacquiao, Khan really got this wrong:

We have massive respect for the heart, courage and incredibly fun fight style that Amir Khan possesses, but the above is just garbage.

Surely he’ll admit that later himself later today when he thinks it through.

Kell Brook and Manny Pacquiao will have been rubbing their hands with glee looking at that performance last night.

That said, it could work to Khan’s advantage if it were to lull them into some kind of false sense of security if he fights either next up.

He’ll have to raise his game considerably – which he will.

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