Samuel Vargas Had A Classy Reaction After Khan Loss

Samuel Vargas will be getting ready around now to make the journey back to Canada but he can do so with his head held high.

Going into last night’s fight with Amir Khan the welterweight was expected to be blown away be people for the most part.

Instead, he fought back from an early knockdown from Khan to knockdown Khan himself.

Nearly winning the fight no less.

He then took Khan the full distance and showed a lot of heart and come forward willingness to fight, contrary to some saying it was just a pay check fight for him beforehand.

The truth couldn’t have been further however. Sammy Vargas came to fight and gave it his best which is all anyone can ask from anyone.

Speaking after the fight Vargas reacted by saying:

“I came to fight. I didn’t win the fight. I hope I won the hearts of fans and made some new ones. Thanks for having me UK.”

Indeed he did, indeed he did.

No doubt he will be brought back over next year for another big fight after impressing the UK fans with his display.

Or even a big fight in the US could be on the horizon for the gritty welterweight in 2019.