Kell Brook Reacts To Amir Khan’s Win Over Vargas

Former IBF welterweight world champion Kell Brook is hell-bent on getting the Amir Khan fight next but it’s not totally clear that the feeling is mutual from Khan.

After Khan’s win over Samuel Vargas last night Khan said Kell Brook can wait and that he would prefer a fight with Manny Pacquiao.

While the Pacquiao fight would be huge, anything other than the Brook fight next up is really going to cheese off a huge portion of boxing fans.

The two have been hounding one another in the media for years. The fight has been built organically through the sheer venom both guys possess for one another.

They work in the one job where they can actually resolve their differences physically. So surely, surely the fight will happen next?

Brook has even said he will come down to welterweight to fight Khan at his own weight class.

They both share the same promoter and fight on the same network and platform in the US, too.

Logic would tell you the fight is a no-brainer but common sense in boxing often can be overlooked due to ego.

Hopefully that’s not the case in this fight.

Speaking to IFL TV last night here’s what Brook had to say about Khan’s win over Vargas: