Samuel Vargas Warns Khan About Fighting Pacquiao Next

Defeated opponent Samuel Vargas had some strong words of warning for Amir Khan if he decides to take on Manny Pacquiao in his next fight.

Khan scored a unanimous points win over Vargas last night but got dropped square on by an overhand right early on in the bout which nearly ended his night.

Khan didn’t counter at all and instead looked to just block and rely on his hand speed, getting caught square on in the process.

Speaking after the fight Vargas warned Khan that he will come unstuck if he fights Pacquiao:

“Do I have to answer? I mean, I think Pacquiao’s power is just too much. I think Pacquiao stops him. No disrespect. I’ve been in there with Spence, with Garcia. No disrespect to Amir. Obviously I just got out boxed. No disrespect whatsoever. I just think Pacquiao is a dangerous guy. It doesn’t matter how old he is. I think Pacquiao has the edge in that one.”

There is an argument that could be made out there that Khan has made little technical adjustments over the years in terms of trying to improve his defense.

While he remains a massively entertaining fighter to watch, who has unquestionable courage and heart, his lack of progress technically with his defense makes his lack of punch resistance easy to capitalize on for the top fighters out there.