Fans Try To Assault Kell Brook As He Tries To Leave Amir Khan vs Samuel Vargas

In some incredible footage caught after Amir Khan’s points win over Samuel Vargas in Birmingham it appears a very small sub section of Khan supporters tried to attack Khan’s rival Kell Brook as he exited the arena.

Tension has been building for years between Khan and Brook. Neither guy is too fond of the other.

That’s no secret.

But it would appear that the bad blood has even poured into some of their own supporters who clearly back their respective fighter passionately.

That passion almost went too far last night as Behind The Gloves YouTube (hat tip) caught footage here showing Brook leaving the arena only to be pursued and nearly assaulted by a minority of fans:

Disgraceful scenes.

No doubt none of the above would ever dream of doing something like that one to one with Brook and clearly had too much alcohol on board last night.

As for the fight between the two guys who count, the boxers, it’s not clear if it will happen next up.

After the fight their mutual promoter Eddie Hearn told Khan in the ring that if the fight doesn’t happen next it will never happen.

If it doesn’t happen it will go down as one of the biggest disappointments in recent boxing history.

A fight that has been over marinated at this stage.

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