Incredibly Intense Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter Face Off At Weigh-In

In boxing this weekend in New York, tonight’s boxing action between Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter promises for some explosive fists to fly.

Both former world champions will contest the WBC welterweight title tonight live on Showtime Boxing and both have clearly trained like lunatics for the fight.

Both guys came in on weight at the first time of asking and looked in tremendous condition for tonight’s boxing match at the Barclays Center in New York.

The face off after they weighed in showed just how much this fight means to both guys (hat tip Fight Hub YouTube):

Expect all hell to break loose tonight when that first bell goes.

Garcia’s belief that he will win tonight’s fight inside nine rounds is interesting in that Porter is such an incredibly hard guy to hurt, let alone stop.

If that is truly what he is intending to do, it shows that he could be planning an extremely offensive game plan.

If that really is the game plan, we have one hell of a fight on our hands as Porter only fights one way really – coming forward and throwing down.

Hopefully Garcia will meet him head on and exchange toe to toe tonight. At least in spots.