Following Mayweather Beef Gervonta Davis Makes A Bold Claim

Floyd Mayweather and his star fighter Gervonta Davis (currently signed to Mayweather Promotions) have butted heads a lot this year.

That butting of heads now appears to be at its worst however, as Davis has lashed out against Mayweather all week on social media.

One fan asked Davis why doesn’t he start his own promotion to which Davis replied to in the affirmative:

Many fighters over the years have gone out on their own in terms of becoming their own bosses.

Usually it happens near the end of their careers however.

More often than not it hasn’t worked out for boxers but there are exceptions. Floyd Mayweather himself being the most notable one of course.

When he left Bob Arum and Top Rank he became his own boss and started Mayweather Promotions, keeping all of the revenue from his fights without having to give a promoter a cut.

Manny Pacquiao more recently has started M.P. Promotions in Asia which staged his recent win over Lucas Matthysse in Malaysia.

Davis is still very young in his career however and seems like he could benefit from an experienced promoter and ex-fighter like Mayweather at this stage of his career.

Only time will tell what happens next.