Shawn Porter Reveals Food He Eats and Pre-Fight Ritual After Garcia Weigh-In

Shawn Porter could be one of the most disciplined and in shape athletes in all of professional boxing today. Ahead of tonight’s boxing action in the US, he’s well and truly prepared for Danny Garcia.

I remember been at the Porter gym in Las Vegas last year and Shawn told me he doesn’t drink alcohol and the intensity of the sparring rounds I witnessed from him that day in the gym, without rest, was quite something to watch.

A relentless machine.

An out-and-out fighting machine really who on top of that is one of the cleanest athletes you could meet.

He didn’t show fatigue or tiredness after at least ten rounds of high paced sparring with different sparring partners.

In tonight’s boxing against Danny Garcia the longer the fight goes on, the more and more I favor Porter to get stronger in the fight and win rounds.

But it’s a close, pick um fight.

Garcia might have one or two more tricks in his boxing arsenal but Porter will be well prepared and have an excellent game plan to counter that.

The more I think about it, the more I think tonight could be a close split decision that could go either way.

One thing Porter will not have done however is take his eye off the ball.

This interesting insight from Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) shows how he prepares after a weigh-in, how he re-hydrates, what he eats and his pre-fight ritual ahead of a championship fight:

Tonight’s fight will be live on Showtime in the US and on BoxNation in the UK.