Donnie Nietes Shows Off Blistering Speed Ahead Of Super Fly 3

Filipino Donnie Nietes bids to become a four-weight world champion this weekend live on HBO when he takes on a fellow countryman for the WBO super-flyweight title.

He’ll give away a lot in height, reach and natural size this Saturday but overcoming obstacles and adversity is nothing new for ‘Snake Man’.

A likable and marketable fighter, this weekend marks his second fight live on HBO in the States.

The folks at KO Artists Sports have caught a video of him showing off just how quick he is:

The hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.

Speed and movement will be important tools for Nietes to use this weekend and you can tell he’s been working on them, despite the move up in weight.

He’s said that he wants big fights after this weekend against the likes of Estrada and Roman Gonzalez and that’s why he’s moved up in weight.

He’ll certainly have the platform in California this weekend to show what he can do on Super Fly 3 – time will tell if the weight move up risk pays off.