Canelo: I Want To Rip Golovkin’s Head Off

Canelo Alvarez has been training with a freakish desire in recent weeks as evidenced by the many training footage videos online. Gennady Golovkin has really lit a fuse under him.

The same goes for Golovkin mind you.

Both guys could very well be in career best condition come weigh-in day on September 14th. \

If that is the case, this really could be the mother of all fights.

On Canelo’s part, his anger towards Golovkin stems from been labelled a cheat and a liar.

As a proud Mexican warrior, he’s taken issue with this saying on 24/7:

“Obviously I want to rip his head off. There is no doubt about that. I can’t explain how much I want to be in that ring already.”

To which Golovkin replied:

“What he says doesn’t inspire any respect.”

Upon listening to the two fighters speak about one another, you can almost hear the mutual contempt they share for each other.

This is very real, which, when you combine the fact that these two guys are regarded as two of the top warriors in the sport anyway, in terms of all action, fan-friendly, blood and guts fighting styles, September 15th promises to be a treat.