Whyte Reveals For The First Time Tally Of Injuries He Had Going Into The Parker Fight

Dillian Whyte has opened up about the number of injuries he had going into the Joseph Parker fight earlier this year. This really proves his metal.

Many times fighters never disclose what injuries they have going into a fight.

One, for fear of not getting passed medically to box and two, as a mark of honor and wanting to get the job done under any circumstances, and not letting down the fans.

There’s perhaps nothing more frustrating for fans when a boxer blames a loss on an injury.

We can all recall the injury to David Haye’s baby toe excuse after losing against Klitschko.

But speaking on Soccer AM, Dillian Whyte spoke about the plethora or problems he had before beating New Zealander Joseph Parker earlier this year:

“I had a flu with a chest infection which meant I couldn’t train at high intensity for a few weeks which effected my progression, my weight. Them I came back sparring and I broke my rib. Then I broke my left hand (three weeks before the fight).”

Three serious doses there for any professional athlete.

He broke his hand pretty much straight away in the first jab he threw in the fight, too.

Credit to him for sticking in there for the full duration against a former world champion under those circumstances to score knockdowns and get the win.