Manny Pacquiao vs Kell Brook – Who Wins?

Manny Pacquiao vs Kell Brook

A potential left field opponent for Manny Pacquiao has emerged this week in the form of Kell Brook following Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn saying the fight is an option being seriously looked at.

Names like Terence Crawford, Vasyl Lomachenko, Mikey Garcia and Amir Khan have been all the front-runners for Pacquiao in recent weeks but former IBF welterweight champion Kell Brook could make a very interesting fight too.

The main barrier to making such a bout is Brook’s difficulty in making welterweight and now mostly fighting up at 154lbs.

Although Pacquiao has fought at 154lbs in the past, he’s most comfortable at welterweight and at this stage in his career and being the A-Side in negotiations, you’d have to think he’d want the fight there.

A natural compromise of course would be a catchweight bout at 150lbs to get around this.

But who wins if they fight?

Pacquiao could enjoy a slight speed advantage, still at this stage of his career.

Power-wise, perhaps Brook might enjoy an ever so slight edge here, but the two are mostly equal in this category on the whole.

Brook is a force at 154lbs which cannot be underestimated. He really should have been at this weight for most of his career.

If this fight was made here at super-welterweight this could even things up for him a bit.

From a boxing skill perspective perhaps Pacquiao has the edge in this realm with all the experience he’s had over the years.

His movement looked superb against Matthysse, as did his shot variation and punch selection.

Brook can box a bit too, mind you.

A powerful jab when he gets it going. A tool that could stop Pacquiao right in his tracks if he’s not too careful coming in.

The Pacquiao footwork could in theory get around this if it was on point but ‘Pacman’ would also have to battle a reach disadvantage against Brook.

When working his way onto the inside and jumping in and out as he does, with that iconic Pacquiao spring in his step, he’d have to be cognizant he doesn’t spring right into the dangerous Brook uppercut which he can throw effectively at both mid range and inside in the pocket.

A great fight though, in fairness.

It is to be made.

At this time both guys are still looking for an opponent for their next fight – with Amir Khan also in the triangle of potential cross-way showdowns in this explosive trio of boxers.