Golovkin Reveals Street Fight Story Ahead of Canelo Rematch

Gennady Golovkin might be at the top of world boxing now and fighting on HBO pay per view against Canelo Alvarez in just a couple of weeks time, but memories from back home are never far from his memory.

Growing up in Kazakhstan and as a young adult ‘GGG’ had to defend himself regularly, not as a bully, but to literally defend himself from people on the street attacking him.

Ahead of his rematch with Canelo Alvarez on September 15th, Gennady opened up for the first time on one instance where a drunken man confronted him.

He said:

“He was drunk. I said: ‘Hey what are you doing? Just stop. Stop driving your car. This is very dangerous.’ He didn’t understand and he said: ‘No, what do you mean? What are you doing?’ He came outside. He then said: ‘One second. Just stay here (to me).’ I said: ‘Sure, of course. I stay.’ He is coming.”

When asked by a TV narrator did he come? Golovkin replied:


What happened when he came he asked next:

“It’s not legal. I can’t talk like this. It’s not legal.”

Well, one can only imagine the level of beating that drunken assailant received at the bare knuckle hands of one Gennady Golovkin.

A formidable force in the ring among trained fighters.

Just imagine those knockout fists outside of it against some drunken goon.

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