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Former undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis is in the UK at the moment ahead of a speaking event on September 6th and has been talking all things his career and current boxing news.

Lewis’ last fight in the ring came against Vitali Klitschko.

A fight he won by TKO in LA back in 2003 after a cut to Klitschko forced the bout to be stopped.

Some fans to this day believe Klitschko was going to win the fight if it were not for the cut, while others contend that Lewis would have come on strong and stopped him regardless.

One fan believes the former and said this to Lewis on Twitter.

Lewis, in his reply, clarified his opinion and why he chose to never rematch Klitschko:

In many ways Lewis was one of the few top-level boxers to ever go out on top like this and refuse the allure of another big pay-day to comeback.

Instead, opting to enjoy his retirement from what is after all, one of the most grueling professions in the world.

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