Chris Eubank Sr Has Started A YouTube Channel – Reacts to KSI vs Logan Paul

chris eubank has started a YouTube channel

Oh yes, Chris Eubank senior has only gone and started his very own YouTube channel today. Granted, he was a warrior in his day, one of the best super-middleweights the UK has ever produced. But the value he gives these days with some of his wacky sayings and phrases outside the ring is just as entertaining.

Chris Eubank senior in many ways is one of the most colorful characters in boxing.

It’s kind of funny that he’s waited this long to start his own YouTube channel or online platform. The hits he’s going to get could be off the chart.

One of the most divisive characters in the sport, love him or hate him, people always have some sort of reaction to Eubank senior.

In his first video on the channel Eubank Senior sits down to give his reaction to the recent KSI vs Logan Paul fight on YouTube pay per view in well, typically Chris Eubank senior fashion:

What an absolute hero. These next few months are going to be fun tuning into ‘Eubank TV’.

On a serious note though, he has a point above in terms of boxing doing good for the youth of today.

Particularly today’s times where young people have less purpose than ever before in a truly crazy time for the world.

Roll on the next installment of this intriguing new development by the one and only Chris Eubank.