Matthysse Coach Opens Up For The First Time About Pacquiao Loss

Lucas Matthysse was stopped inside the distance this summer by Manny Pacquiao in Malaysia in a performance where the Filipino boxing icon dominated the bout in truth.

It was Pacquiao’s first stoppage win in over nine years and going into the fight the bookies had the bout a relatively fifty-fifty affair.

Many believed that Matthysse’s power would be too much for Pacquiao at the advanced stage of his career he is now at (aged 39).

Certainly no one saw a blitzing stoppage from Pacquiao coming.

If anything, consensus seemed to think a Pacquiao points win would unfold if the Filipino was to win on the night.

Speaking to Villainfy Media trainer of Matthysse, Joel Diaz, spoke for the first time about the bout:

“The trip to Malaysia was good. It was an experience. Honestly I really wanted that win (Pacquiao) on my resume. Honestly I was a little upset with the outcome. I really didn’t think we got what we were supposed to get due to the work we put in the gym. Honestly I have not spoken to Matthysse since the fight. After the fight he was in his own world. We were in are own world. We were a little upset. Upset at how the way things played out.”

He added:

“I’m a little disappointed the way the fight ended because I honestly didn’t think that last punch was enough for Matthysse to just say you know what, I’m done. I had a lot of energy that night and I wanted to win. Matthysse had everything to win that night. But I don’t know what happened. I don’t know up to this day. Matthysse in sparring, (it was a) close camp – was great in sparring. Everybody that saw Matthysse in camp said man, this guy is going to knock out Pacquiao. In that fight he didn’t even give me 50% of what he gave me three days prior. That’s why I was a little upset due to the fact I don’t know what exactly happened that night. I really wanted to win that night. I knew that if Lucas had given me what I expected from him he would have done something.”

It is not clear at this point if Matthysse will box on but Pacquiao has reaffirmed his intent to have at least three more fights in his career before hanging up the gloves next year.

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