Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan On How He’s Improved

Irishman Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan takes on David Lemieux on the Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez card in Las Vegas on September 15th.

The bout represents a huge opportunity for both guys.

Not just because of the size of the bill their fighting on, but also knowing that an impressive win could set up a world title shot for both of them.

Their styles are similar in that they are big hitting, come forward middleweights, so it should make for a fun fight as long as it lasts.

Speaking ahead of the bout on areas he’s improved on the last couple of years, O’Sullivan said:

“Specifically, I’m more dedicated. I’m a proper athlete these days. I’m very dedicated to my training, which I wasn’t always throughout my career. The past, I suppose two years, I’ve been very dedicated to being a proper athlete.

I think the old Spike, there’s no comparison. I see that in my weight. I make-weight really easy now. I look different. My body shape is different to before and you know, it’s easier when I come to training camp now. I’m just working on my technique and boxing skills, rather than what David does, losing weight in camp. I used to do that one time, as well, myself, and it’s not so good. It’s more like Weight Watchers than training camp for a fight. That’s the difference in me right now.”

The event will be live on HBO pay per view.