Report: KSI vs Logan Paul Fight Pulls Huge Numbers

KSI vs Logan Paul Fight Pulls Huge Numbers

The KSI vs Logan Paul white-collar fight between the two YouTube stars in Manchester last night ended in a draw.

The bout went pretty much under the radar of most boxing fans this weekend, with the main interest mostly from the YouTube star’s existing subscriber base.

The fight was not overseen by the British Boxing Board of Control either.

Despite the fight taking place on UK soil.

The Sun have reported the fight did 784,000 viewers at peak buys.

Incredible numbers when if you consider the bout cost 10 dollars in the US, with the ball park number generated working out as just under eight million from pay per view.

Not bad for two guys who are not professional fighters.

There’s many world champions in pro boxing that don’t make that kind of money above, not including sponsorship and merchandise they might have brought in too.

The fight itself was a let down however and despite talks of a rematch, it’s hard to see even how many of their loyal fans would buy a second fight.

What’s perhaps more interesting about the figures is that it shows the true value of how many people will buy one of these types of events.

Which is a lot.

Promoter Eddie Hearn was quoted during the week that he thought it might do two to three hundred thousand buys.

The result smashed that.

That said, the demand for free content is still fair greater, obviously, with over 20 million watching KSI’s first fight free on YouTube against Joe Weller.