British Boxing Board Issue Statement On KSI vs Logan Paul

Tonight millions around the world will watch a boxing match between two YouTube celebrities called KSI and Logan Paul.

The pair’s battle in many ways is a sign of the times where YouTube stars have now become outright celebrities in their own right and command not only large attention, but massive enumeration.

Tonight’s fight is expected to earn the pair a huge some of money, comparable to what a world champion boxer might expect to make.

Despite the pair not being anything remotely near to being professional boxers.

The British Boxing Board of Control, one of the most recognized bodies in world boxing, have released the following statement on the fight:

“The event featuring KSI v Logan Paul taking place at the Manchester Arena is not under the jurisdiction of the British Boxing Board of Control.

Neither individual is licensed by the BBBBofC and the BBBofC does not participate in such events.”

Some have argued that any promotion of boxing is good for the sport.

Any press is good press and that tonight’s fight is simply a sign of the younger generation’s interest in consuming such content.

While others debate that tonight’s fight takes freak show boxing to an all together new level.

Here are the two engaging in a face off program with former world champion Johnny Nelson: