Uncut Footage Shows What Happened Moments Before Saunders Hurled Chicken at Wilder

The incident last night between the two boxers has been dubbed ‘Chicken Gate’ by some but until now it was unclear what caused the argument and ultimately, chicken to fly in Nandos restaurant.

The two men are never going to fight at the end of the day.

One is a middleweight, the other a heavyweight.

But the fact something so strange happened outside the ring between two current world boxing champions seems to have gotten a lot attention.

All we knew at the time last night was that Saunders threw a piece of chicken at Wilder and that he legged out of the restaurant shortly afterwards.

A new video from Tha Boxing Voice YouTube (hat tip) shows the two men arguing beforehand as Saunders goes over to the table, shakes Wilder’s hand and then Wilder gets up after a brief argument:

Only in boxing.

The strange events from last night have got people talking about tonight’s event in Belfast even more.

It is expected Wilder will get into the ring with Tyson Fury following his bout tonight against Francesco Pianeta in Windsor Park.

Should he win of course.